Green Rider – a new epic fantasy Book Soundtrack by Kristina A. Bishoff

Green Rider
Green Rider Album Art

Releasing soon is a new epic fantasy book soundtrack called Green Rider (inspired by the book of the same name by Kristen Britain), with music composed by my good friend Kristina A. Bishoff. Recorded in Salt Lake City, UT at the HUGEsound studio with full orchestra and choir, I had the opportunity to act as the lead orchestrator for the project. The score is a delightful musical journey and a great depiction of the book in a style that is uniquely Bishoff’s – both well done, and a lot of fun!

Kaladin – an epic fantasy Book Soundtrack

Kaladin Album Art

Kaladin, an epic fantasy book soundtrack inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings is digitally released on Amazon mp3, CD Baby, iTunes, and Google Play. This month, it will also be released as physical CDs (two disc sets) to physical retailers around the world.

I was fortunate to act as Producer and Lead Composer/Orchestrator. We had a team of 11 composers, 11 orchestrators, and an army of music prep assistants. We recorded using two orchestras (Prague: 70-piece full orchestra and 40-piece orchestra, and Budapest: 32-piece string group), several different choirs (including a virtual choir made up of fans of the book), and several amazing soloists (including Tina Guo)!

The album is over 90 mins in runtime length and has, thus far, been positively received with extreme excitement! Here’s a small taste:

Trip to China – Musical Exploration

I’m gearing up to travel to China to start a dialog with artist Stevens Vaughn about some musical/art collaboration. Among things we’ll be considering are a feature film, art exhibitions with music, and a ballet collaboration with a Chinese dance troupe. I’m thoroughly excited about the possibilities! Xiamen/Gulangyu, here I come!

ISA8: Award Nominations!

8th Annual Indie Series Awards - Nomination
Award nomination!

I’ve been nominated for Best Original Score for indie web series Afterlife!  I’m very excited for the award ceremony at the beginning of April, and I wish the best of luck to all the nominees!  Recognition for their hard work is well deserved!